Missionary and BabyGifts to MedReach will provide:

  • Medicines, including life-saving medications which cure cases of malaria, the number one killer in Africa
  • Bibles and Concordances for Pastors
  • New Testaments and gospel tracts for all who make public decisions for Christ; 4000 of each for each mission team
  • Hygiene Kits for women during educational classes on personal and family health; 500 minimum per team
  • Teaching materials for pastors
  • Water purification equipment to fight the number two killer, water-borne disease
  • Mosquito Nets that will prevent recurrence of malaria
  • Smokeless stoves to greatly lessen smoke related illness, and to conserve scarce wood supplies
  • Storage expenses for all the above before being deployed in the bush
  • Transportation cost: Nothing takes place without moving teams and supplies to the bush
  • Scholarships for young people who would love to serve in Africa simply click Donate to get started

“If you consult your tax/financial advisor, you may find that donating stock instead of cash will create an advantage for you.” MedReach can help you do that.

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