I just want to report the God results from June of 2 successul Teams. Nomo was 50 strong and we were able to go to 4 villages with Medical Clinics. The Second Team had 20 people and they too got much overflow from the first team because the locals all heard that we were in the area!
We have also started Water Filtration including digging a well at a Primary School that has no water at all for the kids to drink or even wash their hands. It is a dry and desolate village with no grass just rocks and dust. Steve has been totally engaged to provide clean water for these kids and trying to re educate the village officials that this need is great for the children and to use our water filtration system! 
We installed 3 Solar Lighting Systems in June and a 4th one waiting to be installed in Dark Medical Clinics. These Clinics as you can guess use either a flashlight or a phone light to deliver babies at night.
We are currently looking for more and more Dark Bush Clinics as support is available. Now the Jesus Film Leaders have Villages asking us to come and help. This door has blown wide open.
Inquiring minds are asking: “What were the Results of the NoMo Tanzania 2018?” So here we go with the God Results of a Team of 50 Americans that ministered in 4 Villages in the Mbulu Area where we were “Warmly Welcomed”! Clinic/Pharmacy saw 4135 Patients, gave out 1275 additional worm pills, Evangelism had 3281 in attendance, 1391 that prayed for the first time, Bible Study Groups started were 2351, 1500 New Testaments given out to new groups and Pastors, Jesus Film Teams had 13,658 attend with 4685, decisions,saw 1795 ladies in Hygiene Education, gave out 1846 Reader Glasses and 1219 Sun Glasses, saw 2681 Children with 1636 making a decision, gave out 320 Mosquito Nets treated with a special chemicals and not flammable, Pastors Conference had 197 in Attendance, we installed 2 Solar Lighting Systems in 2 Dark Clinic with 7 lights in each Clinic, we painted 14 Blackboards in 2 Villages. We gave out 700 kilos of flour grain to the elders and pregnant ladies. We gave out many 100’s of precious Sun Dresses and also many many Toboggans, Baby Blankets and Baby Quilts made by folks in the USA and Prayed over. We also had Healings and Deliverances in the Prayer Room. God is good all the time! Thanks be to God for bringing the team of 50 from all over the USA to minister in Unity  in Tanzania. The Mission was a HUGE success!
More God Results from the Team of 20 from Rainbow City, AL, Blairsville, GA. Bradenton, FL and Mobile,AL. We had 4 providers and saw 4838 Patients. 240 Mosquito Nets were given to pregnant ladies and Mothers with kids under 3 years old. Ladies Hygiene taught 748 ladies and washed feet! 859 kids attended the children’s ministry and 471 responded to the Gospel. We had 3119 go through the Evangelism Room with 839 praying for the first time. 413 New Home Groups were started and given New Testaments to use. A total of 1232 NTs were given out. Readers given out were 464 and 75 Sun glasses. Our 2 Jesus Film teams had 4645 in attendance with 1131 responding to the Gospel over 7 nights of showings in camp and to surrounding villages. There were 90 Pastors that attended 2 Conferences and studied Discipleship. David painted 7 Blackboards in the first Village and 9 Blackboards in the second Village. Medreach , Inc Solar Team of Frank and Eliudi installed a Solar Lighting System in a Dark Clinic with 7 lights. Thanks be to God for the Servants of our most high God. Americans and Tanzanians worked together to the Glory of our Lord and Savior! Asante sana for giving your time and energy for the cause of Christ. The Body of Christ was greatly used to unite together! Bawana asifewe!
SL and Steve too!!!
Under His Grace,
Steve and SL Hudson
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Read Luke 9:6
Holy Spirit empower us to do what Jesus did from village to village: HEAL their sick, LOVE their children, DECLARE the Kingdom of God.
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