2018 Annual Report                               

Steve and SL Hudson

Hello faithful supporters and friends…..and hello to new friends. By the prayer and financial support of those of you who believe in this ministry, God has provided, protected, and proclaimed His Gospel to hundreds of thousands. For those new to our ministry, we go to the bush in Uganda north of the River Nile, to the bush from north to central Tanzania, and to a 107 year-old hospital in northeast Tanzania. We minister through healthcare, pastor’s conferences, children’s ministries, reading glasses and mosquito net distribution, ladies hygiene, and accompanying Jesus Film teams at night to even more rural sites. 

We praise God for allowing us to anticipate our 18th year in Africa and 23rd year of missions. We are so encouraged by you who pray, give and assist in packing stateside, and by those who dare to follow Jesus to the ends of the earth. In case you don’t know, every team of 25 from the US or other countries is accompanied by an equal or greater number of indigenous people, some of whom have served with us for 15 years. They are tremendous encouragers as well. To medical/evangelism, we have recently added solar-lighting dark rural clinics and providing rain water harvesting and purification at elementary schools. MedReach will begin in June conducting soccer camps to teach basics to elementary and secondary school students. They love their football (soccer)! We have had the privilege to be a small part of a new translation of the Jesus Film into the language of the Yao people in southern Tanzania who are mostly Muslim and number 680,000. We hope to be at a premier showing of this film in their heart language. 

Each morning Africans of the bush wake facing great need. They cry out to a creator most do not know, waiting for someone to bring them relief from suffering and peace to tormented hearts. You help give them answers by sending our services and a clear message of hope in Christ. In Joshua 1:3, God promises to only give the land to His children when “the sole of your foot treads on the ground”.  And then promises to never leave or forsake His followers who step out in faith. We’ve seen no one from the outside world in 17 years serving or sharing in the remote areas where we set up camps. The Apostle Paul’s ambition was to preach the Gospel where Christ was not known. Romans 10:15.  To be a part of that you must give up some of your plans, time and money. Come go with us if you have not yet done so. Leave the spectator’s seat and come on in. You will never regret it! May the Lord bless you and keep you……and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26. Africa Trip 2018

Please keep praying for that person or couple to come alongside us for a few years and eventually lead MedReach. None of this happens without your faithful support. We need help with bibles ($10), concordances ($20), New Testaments ($3.50), tracts (12 CENTS), medicines ($12k), solar for Dark Clinics ($1.5k), school rain harvesting and filtration ($2k), three 5000Ltr tanks ($500 ea.), and bed nets ($7). See what God did in 2018 on attached below. Our prayer for you is that God will show Himself strong in your lives during this additional year that He is about to usher us into. 

Under His grace,
Steve and SL Hudson 
We would love to share with you more about Medical Missions in East Africa and how you can come along........Please CALL us. Check out the Website changes at www.medreachinc.org and see us on FaceBook under MedReach, Inc.  We accept ONLINE DONATIONS thru PAYPAL at www.medreachinc.org
Read Luke 9:6: Holy Spirit empower us to do what Jesus did from village to village: HEAL their sick, LOVE their children, DECLARE the Kingdom of God.
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2018 MedReach, Inc. Results in Uganda and Tanzania: 

  1. Patients treated in Medical clinics: 10,538
  2. Prescriptions filled: 42,152
  3. Eyeglasses distributed:  4,677
  4. New Testaments and Tracts Distributed:   3,732
  5. Public decisions for Christ: 13,002
  6. Pastors trained: 316
  7. Bibles and Concordances Distributed: 280
  8. Pastor teaching materials distributed: 316
  9. Ladies Educated on Hygiene:  3,219
  10. Mosquito Nets given out:  810
  11. Meals Served:  6,572
  12. Food Distribution to Individuals: 2,476 lbs
  13. Bible Study Groups Started:  1,827
  14. Ministry to Children: 4,074
  15. Jesus Film Showings: 55
  16. Jesus Film Attendance: 22,753
  17. Distribution of Hats, Toboggans, Baby blankets, Girl Sundresses: 1,690
  18. Distribution of toothbrushes: 2,000
  19. Black Boards Painted at Primary Schools: 30
  20. Installation of Solar Lighting in Dark Rural Clinics: 4
  21. Installation of Water Purification at Primary Schools: 1
  22. Water Well Digging in Progress: 1
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